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Writing Status Update: October 2021

Wow, it's November. I am shook.

By the time you read this blog post (it's Tuesday as I write it), I will be one day away from submitting my WIP to my developmental editor! Let's take a look at what I managed to do for the month of October!


Current word count: 49,000

Target word count: 80,000

Guys, I need to get to at least 73,000 words by Saturday night.


If you're the praying type, I'd really appreciate some prayers right now.

I'm on the war path to get this manuscript ready for my dev. editor! I've put everything else on hold this week in order to finish it. Should I have worked on it more in the past couple weeks? Probably. But I was on a beach in Hawaii for almost two weeks, and I refuse to feel guilty for taking that time to let it breathe!

I've been meeting with a new writing group and they've been giving me some amazing feedback on the first few chapters of the book! With that and the edits I've already been doing, I truly believe that I can whip this project into shape and get it to my editor on time. I'm really excited for her to work her magic and give me some positive direction to really make it shine!

I've gone through the manuscript and made all the major changes I had noted throughout the drafting process. Now I've exported it to a new document and I'm going through it line by line, adding details and scenes where it feels natural. Hopefully by the time I'm done and it's off to my editor, I can move on to some exciting promotional projects!

I've got so many fun ideas for the book launch in March. It's time to whittle them down and get some balls rolling! Stay tuned!


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