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She's not the girl next door anymore.

Ten years after her disappearance from La Conner, Bellamy's living a new life in Portland. By day, she’s an investigative photographer, but her real income comes from the black market. When a murder turns the city’s most powerful criminal (and her boss) into an enemy, Bellamy is forced to turn to Chance Erickson, her childhood-crush-turned-military-man, for help.

Chance Erickson spent the last ten years believing Bellamy was dead. When she barrels back into his life, very much alive, he vows to protect her this time. Chance’s company, Erickson Security, takes on the case. They soon discover, however, that Bellamy may not be innocent -- and the traumatic events of 10 years ago may not be dead and buried.

To save Bellamy, Chance must unravel the mystery of her disappearance -- and Bellamy must choose between keeping the door closed on the past and trusting Chance with her future.


Sarah Erickson may be the only daughter in a family of military men, but she’s no damsel in distress.


When her roommate is killed in a “mugging gone wrong,” Sarah knows there’s more to the story - the only problem is, her brothers won’t let her join ESI so she can find the killer.

Roman Holt is a respected member of the ESI team, but he has a past he’d rather not discuss. When he learns that his younger brother has been killed, he flies to New York to identify the body. But in a strange twist of fate, he knocks on his brother’s door and Sarah is the one who answers.

Sarah wants nothing to do with the grumpy military man, but he has a habit of popping up… and she can’t stop thinking about the kiss they shared only days before. Soon she realizes he may know more about his brother’s death than he’ll admit. When her solo investigation kicks up dust on a past long buried, Roman must keep her safe before she digs any further and gets them both killed.

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Some gifts are too dangerous to be thankful for...

Abby Simmons has one goal: to find her father. As a child, she survived the horrific car accident that killed her mother, but her father's identity has always been a mystery. Now 23 years old, she spends her time searching for him. When her search leads to a news article that reveals her story to the community, danger follows close behind. Abby has no choice but to flee to La Conner, seeking shelter from the only family she has left.

Owen Erickson isn’t the serious type. He’s perfectly content to spend his time hacking for ESI and helping his siblings reach their happily-ever-afters. But when Abby comes into his life, asking for help, he's happy to oblige. Soon, however, he realizes that the beautiful redhead is far more than she appears.

It's a race against time to find the truth behind the danger stalking Abby before it's too late. But things aren't always what they seem, and the past could hold the key Owen needs to save Abby's life.


The past has come calling...

Years have passed since Emmett Erickson’s last mission for the SEALs, and the truth behind it has been lost to the sands of time. Now, Emmett only cares about two things: keeping his family safe, and stopping his mother’s courtship with La Conner’s most eligible middle-aged bachelor. But nothing stays buried forever, and both of Emmett’s goals are placed in jeopardy when the past shows up on his doorstep in the form of Ryann Wilson.

Ryann has spent the last seven years (no thanks to Emmett) infiltrating the U.S. government. She finally has the evidence she needs to expose the corruption spreading through the ranks, but there’s one problem… she needs Emmett to do it, and that means telling him she’s not dead.

Now Emmett has to trust Ryann with his life, and trust isn’t something he likes to give. Even worse, he has to make a decision... protect his family, or tell them the truth about what happened in Paris.

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