The streets of Seattle are tough--but the land of Faery? Even tougher. 

Seventeen-year-old Everly has spent her life pretending she can’t see the Fae that disguise themselves as humans. Left homeless after her mother dies of an overdose, her best friend Mary Beth is the only family she has left.

But when Everly attempts to rescue her rival from a Fae-infested warehouse, she’s dragged through a portal to the land of Faery. She is desperate to get back home—without her, Mary Beth might succumb to her addiction and Everly will lose her best friend the same way she lost her mom.

Soon she meets Shadow, a handsome wolf-shifting Fae, and learns the portal won’t reopen for another six weeks. Shadow and his ragtag group of revolutionists offer to get her home if she joins their rebellion against the evil queen of Faery. Can Everly survive long enough to get back to the human world and rescue her best friend from her own demons?

Sparks and Shadow is the first book in a modern YA fantasy series featuring a kick-butt heroine, a portal to an astonishing world, and slow-burn romance. If you like Fae mythology, compelling characters, and action-packed adventure, you’ll love this new series by Ceara Nobles.

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Rising Elements Series Book 1

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Hurricane Everly. That's me.

Everly is back in Seattle, but her homecoming isn't at all what she expected. After a two-week search for her best friend, some devastating news send her back to the land of Faery.

But the grass isn't greener on the other side. When an arrest leaves the Thiosian army without a leader, Everly must step into a role she was never prepared for. With mysterious dead spots spreading through the forest and an increased enemy presence in the city, the race is on.

Can Everly overcome her obstacles and raise an army to defeat the queen?

Return to the magical land of Faery in Oath of Flame, an action-packed YA portal fantasy featuring Fae mythology, magic, and slow-burn romance. This is the second book in the Rising Elements series.

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Rising Elements Series Book 2

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The queen is dead, but the war is just beginning. 

Everly has succeeded in her goal to rescue Aki and defeat the queen, but she’s left feeling lost as he returns to his position as leader of Thios and she returns to, well… drinking coffee with Mina.

But when Aki refuses to take the throne, the unsteady balance in Faery threatens to implode. Now Everly must travel through the forest to gather the nomadic tribal leaders for a public election to determine the new ruler.

But the balance in the forest has been compromised, and new dangers are mounting. Will Everly succeed in her mission, or will all of Faery burn down before she can stop it?

Return to the magical land of Faery in Blaze of Reckoning, the third book in the Rising Elements series, an action-packed YA fantasy featuring Fae mythology, magic, and slow-burn romance.

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*Releases on January 27th, 2023*



Rising Elements Series Book 3

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