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7 Fun Gifts for Writers [AMAZON]

If you're a writer -- or if you know a writer -- then you know that writers LOVE writerly gifts. Since Christmas is only a couple months away, I thought it would be fun to share some writerly gifts I've found on Amazon. If you're looking to spoil the writer in your life (or yourself!) take a look below!

If you end up buying one of these, or if you have a better one to share, please comment below! Let's create a master list of writerly gifts!

Typewriter Pencil Holder

This adorable typewriter pencil holder is a great gift for a writer's desk! It's heavy, so the weight of your pens/pencils won't make it tip over. And what writer doesn't love a typewriter? It's the ultimate writer gift!

Iron Reader Statue

Okay how cute is this iron statue? It's another perfect addition for a writer's desk, nightstand, or bookshelf! It's simple, heavy, and well-made. It perfectly shows your favorite activity (besides writing).

Phoenix Journal and Feather Pen

We all know that writers love notebooks. It doesn't matter how many empty ones we have... we must. have. MORE! This phoenix journal is beautiful to look at AND it comes with a vintage feather pen! It's a perfect writer gift.

Quotation Mark Earrings

These quotation mark earrings are a subtle gift that your writer can wear every day! When they inevitably get comments on them, they'll have the chance to brag about their favorite things to do (and think about YOU for giving it to them!).

Bookish Throw Pillow

This bookish throw pillow is a fun addition to any couch or bed! The print is so cute and it's a great conversation-starter.

Typing Gloves

These typing gloves are a great option for writers who spend a LOT of time typing. Eventually, all that work can lead to arthritis, swelling, or other hand-related problems. These gloves will handily (pun intended) keep your hands warm and help circulation with gentle compression. It's a great option that your writer will actually use daily!

Writerly Wall Art

This gorgeous typewriter wall art would look great in your writer's office. It's an 8x10, so it's a perfect size to catch the eye but not take up too much space. Your writer will love this colorful addition to their wall art!

What do you think of these gift options? Do you have any others that you love? Share them in the comments below! Let's create a master list of fun writerly gifts!


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