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A Curse So Dark And Lonely [BOOK REVIEW]

Hi! Thanks for being here. This is my monthly series where I review my favorite books. As an author, it's so important for me to read widely both inside and outside my genre. Today's book, A Curse So Dark And Lonely, is an oldie but a goodie. Let's dive in!

What's it about?

Prince Rhen of Emberfall is cursed to repeat the autumn of his eighteenth year in a race to make a girl fall in love with him before he turns into a monster. When Harper, a struggling girl from Washington DC, becomes his newest conquest, Rhen thinks he's doomed to repeat another catastrophe like so many before. As Harper and Rhen spend time together, they learn that powerful forces are moving against Emberfall, and it may take more than a broken curse to save them.

What I Loved

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairytales, and this retelling certainly delivered. Harper is brave and smart and doesn't take any crap. The fact that she suffers from Cerebral Palsy doesn't slow her down--if anything, it makes her more awesome. She's a great role model for differently-abled readers (and anyone, for that matter).

This book is a portal fantasy, which is the same genre I'm writing now, and there's so much to learn from Brigid's writing. Her worldbuilding is easy to believe, with just enough detail without overwhelming the reader. I love the character of Harper and especially Grey, who becomes even more important later in the series.

What I didn't love

One thing I didn't love about this book was that it seemed really light on the romance. There was a hint of a love triangle forming between Rhen and Harper and Grey, but honestly Grey was more likable than Rhen, and Rhen is supposed to be the main character! I think it would have been more effective if Rhen had showed a bit more realistic character development in the first book. He goes from selfishly ignoring the world to suddenly giving away all the free food from the palace. I would have liked to see some redeeming qualities before that major shift!

Worth reading?

This series is worth a read, especially books two and three. Book two focuses more on Grey as a main character, and it's really fun to get into his head! This book is a great start to the series, and I mean, come on--how can you not love Harper??

Have you read A Curse So Dark And Lonely? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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