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Character Spotlight: Aki [BONUS]

In case you haven't been around lately, we're starting a new series where I'm highlighting a character each week from my Rising Elements series. Today we're learning about the mysterious and aloof Aki.

Aki is an enigma in the Rising Elements series. At the beginning of book 3, Everly has known him for about a year, and yet she knows hardly anything about him.

What we do know?

- He was born and raised in Reya (and he's now leading a rebellion against it).

- He really likes vintage suits and white gloves.

- He was at ground zero for the Schism, a great civil war that happened ages ago and forever divided Thios and Reya.

But what you might not know is that I've got a prequel novella brewing, and guess what it's about?

*Drum roll please.*

That's right... Aki's origin story. You will finally learn what happened during the Schism and why Aki now wears a white mask instead of the signature colored ones that Reyans wear. You will learn exactly how Aki went from an intelligent young Fae to the mysterious, enigmatic rebel leader of Thios.

Are you ready for a blurb-in-progress? Let's do this!


"I abide by one rule and one rule only: I will not follow in my father's footsteps."

Aki has spent his life preparing to perform the Rite and join one of the great Reyan Houses. It's the final step in his plan to shirk his rebel father's name and become a member of Reyan society so he can finally pursue Cara, the love of his life.

But on the eve of achieving his goals, one moment makes him question everything he knows about Reya... and the female Fae he's loved since he was young.

The Reyan court is full of secrets and lies, and Aki has just begun to uncover them. Now he must make a decision: will he join a society that goes against his moral beliefs? Or will he rebel against it and become exactly what he's always feared?

Return to Thios in Tainted Kingdom: A Rising Elements Prequel Novella. Coming in December to an e-reader near you.


I am so excited to reveal a bit about Tainted Kingdom! I've been sitting on this story idea since I started book 2 in the series. And now that I'm almost done with book 3, I'll finally have a chance to bring it to life! This will be an exclusive novella only available to my mailing list subscribers (AKA you have to join my email list in order to receive it).

Aki's past has always been a mystery, and readers have guessed how and why he is the way he is... and in December, you won't have to guess anymore! You'll want to read this story before book 3 comes out in January. Let's just say the background knowledge will be very helpful in the plot for book 3!

What do you think of the blurb? Any guesses about Aki's story? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you haven't started the Rising Elements series yet, head on over to Amazon and start reading! It's free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, or you can get an ebook, paperback, or Audible copy for a low price.


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