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Character Spotlight: Everly

I'm starting a new blog series spotlighting my favorite characters from the Rising Elements series. And to kick things off, we HAVE to focus on the main character.

If I could think of one word to describe Everly Ryan, it's tough. Sarcastic. Brave. Loyal through and through.

But she's also thickheaded. Stubborn. Slow to trust.

Okay, that's a lot more than one word.

But here's the truth about Everly: she will fight to the end for the people she cares about. You just have to make it past the mile-high walls around her heart first. ;)

When we meet Everly at the beginning of Sparks and Shadow, she's in her element (pun not intended... but if you read the books then you'll get it haha). She has spent the last few years living on the streets of Seattle and she's got things figured out. Her days are spent delivering packages around the city for extra cash and then squirreling that cash away to get her and her best friend Mary Beth off the streets so they can start over somewhere new.

But there's just one problem: she can see the Fae that wander the city of Seattle, and no one else can.

One day, her big heart gets her into trouble and she makes a rash decision to save the life of her nemesis Peter when he unwittingly walks into a warehouse infested by the predatory Fae she has spent her life avoiding.

After punching the Fae leader in the nose, Everly finds herself kidnapped to the world of Faery, and thus her adventure begins!

I'm writing book 3 in the series right now, and it has been SO FUN to develop Everly from the lonely, street-smart homeless kid into a strong, proud woman with an army of friends around her. And there's still a lot more growing to do. ;)

Haven't read the series yet? Don't forget to grab your copy now! Books 1 and 2 are available now, and book 3 comes out in January.

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