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Introducing... Baby Nobles!

This year has been a little hectic for me, to say the least.

I published my first novel (hello, DUAL INNOCENCE!), but that's not the only great thing to happen this year.

Last month, my husband and I welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world!

I'd like to introduce you to Annabelle.

She joined us on June 19th - exactly ONE MONTH before DUAL INNOCENCE's release date - and we're so in love with her!

People think I'm crazy for publishing a book and having a baby within a month of each other.

They're not wrong.

Thankfully, I was prepared for it and I had everything set up for my book publish date before Annabelle joined us.

Heaven knows I wasn't able to do anything afterward!

I'm still adjusting to being a full-time mommy, part-time copywriter (thank you, day job!) and an author as well.

Life is crazy!

But I love the chaos.

The year is FAR from over. I've got more big things coming before the end of 2019, so star tuned!


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