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Obligatory Introductions

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Let's get to know each other!

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ceara and I'm an aspiring author. This is a platform for me to share my thoughts and theories about writing and the path to publishing.

But why should you care about me? You probably don't, and that's fine. Maybe you will!

In case you want to stick around, here are a few weird facts you need to know about me:

  • I'm terrified of tornadoes (watching Twister at a young age scarred me for life).

  • I have an obsession with water bottles, water cups, & pitchers - pretty much anything that can hold my favorite H2O!

  • My hair is naturally curly - but not the cute Shirley Temple kind. More like how Anne Hathaway looked in Princess Diaries... before the makeover. 🙈

  • I go to the movies more than once a week! (My husband and I keep our local theater in business)

  • If there's chocolate involved, you'll probably find me nearby.

  • I've been to Hawaii more than 15 times (it's heaven on Earth). 

  • My sit-stand desk is my favorite place to write... but I only ever sit. 😂


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