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Character Spotlight: Gideon

Welcome to my newest blog post series! We're doing a deep dive into one character from the Rising Elements series every Friday. This week, it's time to learn more about my personal favorite, the goofball drunk Gideon!

Gideon is a Thiosian Fae known for his large stature and his tendency to carry around a bottle of whiskey. He's a lighthearted guy on the surface, but he carries a huge burden of guilt on his shoulders for a past that few know about.

He's an earth user, and unlike most, he channels his magick through the soles of his feet. So you'll never see Gideon wearing shoes. He walks around barefoot so he can feel the earth and work his magick more efficiently!

We first meet Gideon shortly after Everly arrives in Thios, and he's pretty vocal about his disapproval at Aki's decision to allow Everly to stay. But the human grows on him, and soon they become friends.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share a little snippet from the middle of book 1, when Gideon first teaches Everly how to shoot a bow (his weapon of choice besides his magick). It's a great glimpse into his internal conflict and the man behind the mask of town drunk.

Here we go!


Gideon snorted a laugh.

I couldn’t help but smile. “How did you get dragged into this fight? You don’t seem like the revolutionary type.”

“Why? Because I like whiskey?” As if to emphasize his point, Gideon grabbed a foggy bottle from a nearby rock and took a long swig. “We’re not always what we appear, little lady.”

“I’ve gathered that much. How did you meet Aki?”

Gideon set the bottle back on the rock and hefted his bow again, shooting another bullseye as if he could do it in his sleep. “I met him during the war. He saved my life.”

That hit home. Mary Beth’s face immediately came to mind, and I suddenly understood Gideon’s loyalty to Aki. “How?”

“Asmodeus—or rather, one of his followers—killed my sister. I went after him, of course, a dead man’s mission. Aki stopped me from getting myself killed and told me to use my life for a different purpose. And here I am.” Gideon lowered the bow and turned to face me. “And the whiskey? It was my sister’s favorite drink. She was an alcoholic if I’ve ever met one.”

I searched his face. For the first time since I’d met him, I saw the sorrow behind his grin. The meaning behind his drinking. No wonder the others never mentioned his addiction to the bottle. Mina was the only one who tried to circumvent it by constantly shoving food in his hands instead. Gideon was a trickster, the comic relief of the group, but he had a tragic past like everyone else.

“I get it,” I said quietly. “I lost my mom a few years ago. I still want to kill the one responsible.”

If only I could kill drugs and addiction. It was a revenge I would never see.

“Here.” Gideon shoved his bow into my hands. “You ever shot one of these?”

“Uh, no. They aren’t very common in the human world.” I accepted the change of subject—I wasn’t eager for this conversation to go into touchy-feely territory either—and glanced down at the bow, hefting it in one hand. It was lightweight and the wood was smooth against my fingers.

“They should be,” Gideon said. He cleared his throat. “They’re mighty fine weapons. It’s a shame the queen banned them, or I would use them more. Want me to give you a lesson?”

My first instinct was to refuse, but clearly my magick training was going nowhere. At least if I had a bow, I could attempt to help when we took back the gate. Or at the very least, avoid getting myself killed. If all else failed, I could poke my attackers in the eye with an arrow.

“Yeah,” I said to Gideon. “I guess that’d be nice.”

Gideon stepped up behind me. “Hold the bow in your left hand. Raise it up—yes, just like that. Keep your left arm straight.”

I copied the stance I’d seen Gideon use. The bow was surprisingly comfortable.

Gideon handed me an arrow and showed me how to nock it. He placed my fingers on the end of the arrow, one above and two below. “Now pull the string back nice and tight.” He guided my hand back until it reached my cheek. “Shoulders relaxed. Deep breath. And—release.”

I let the string slip between my fingers. The arrow whizzed through the air.


The arrow struck home on the upper right side of the target, vibrating with the impact.

My chest warmed with pride, and I looked up to see Gideon grinning at me. All traces of seriousness were gone, as if our conversation had never happened. “Well done, darlin’,” he said. “You’re a natural.”


In book 3, you'll learn even more about Gideon's background and his feelings for Mina... and you might even see some things progress on that front. ;)

If you haven't dived into the Rising Elements series yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon and pick up your copy today!

Where are you at in the series? And what were your first impressions of Gideon? Let me know in the comments below!


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