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DUAL INNOCENCE: Cover and Blurb Reveal! Pre-Order Now!

It's finally here.

The official blurb and cover reveal for DUAL INNOCENCE!

It's been an exciting couple weeks. I received my first proof copy of the paperback!

To say the moment was surreal... would be a serious understatement. I can't even describe the feeling of seeing a story that started in my head, in paperback form, IN MY HANDS. I'll never forget it. Even if I never make a single sale of this book, it will all be worth it!

Want a better look at the cover? Your wish is my command!

I am so in love with it! I had a vague idea of what I wanted it to look like, and my cover designer did a great job bringing it to life. She has the patience of a saint, because I asked her for so many tweaks during the process. But it turned out so great! It really captures the essence of the story.

Speaking of story, here's the Back Cover Blurb!

"Everyone thinks Bellamy Burke is dead -- and she likes it that way.

Bellamy’s new life in Portland is far removed from her childhood in La Conner, Washington. By day, she’s an investigative photographer, but her real income comes from buying and selling illegal goods for Portland’s criminal elite.

When a murder turns the city’s most powerful criminal (and her boss) into an enemy, Bellamy is forced to turn to Chance Erickson, her childhood-crush-turned-military-man, for help.

Chance Erickson spent the last ten years believing Bellamy was dead. When she barrels back into his life, very much alive, he vows to protect her this time.

Chance’s company, Erickson Security, takes on the case. They soon discover, however, that Bellamy may not be innocent -- and the traumatic events of 10 years ago may not be dead and buried.

To save Bellamy, Chance must unravel the mystery of her disappearance -- and Bellamy must choose between keeping the door closed on the past and trusting Chance with her future."

What do you think?? Let me know in the comments below if this sounds like a story you would read!!

Other big news... I just received the email that the e-book is now available for pre-order!!

It's only $2.99, which is a STEAL! If you're reading this and wondering why you haven't placed an order yet, wonder no more. Click the button below to pre-order your copy now!

The e-book will be automatically delivered to your Kindle on release day.... July 19th, 2019!

That's right. Release day is NEXT MONTH!

In all seriousness, I am EXTREMELY excited to release this story out into the world! It's been living in my head for so long... It's time for others to experience it too!

I've got lots more good news coming (like ARC reader signups), so stay tuned.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride. I'm so thankful for your continued support!

Talk soon!



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